teaching Philosophy

As it turns out....

Anyone with a Pipe Band Drumming background would enforce the essentials of rudiments, stick control, phrasing, togetherness, clarity ... and so on . Rudiments of any kind, art, sport, trade, martial arts .. anything at all .. are important. The drum set is no different. Although we have two feet involved in the process, the rudimentary code is the same.

I start with stick control and hitting the drum correctly. Then its drum beats (grooves), theory and practice. 

Students learn in their own way

I have taught hundreds of young drummers instructing them on the importance of counting, relaxing and learning to be confident.  Although we essentially learn the same basic skills, students will have their own unique way of learning. Some get the math, some don't. Some find pie charts, visual aids, even colours helpful. Some are extremely gifted and others take longer.

Its all there in the mix and "I assume the responsibility" to get the information in a student's head.

It's important to make drumming fun... because its meant to be.

When I ask a student why do they want to learn, the popular response is.. "because its fun" .. Couldn't agree more. Its such a great place to start and as we work together making progress we always take stock of how much fun and how cool it is to be a drummer.

Music is a wonderful thing, its global, boundary-free, soulful, liberating, its got it all.