Biography / Pricing


Firstly.....Upcoming Events

Drum Duet Night. Paisley Stage, Napier December 4th and 5th 7.30pm $5.00.

I have been drumming for 47 years and have a background in Pipe Band Drumming. I currently teach Drum Set at schools throughout Hawke's Bay and have a private tuition base at my home studio. I teach all styles and prepare students to be as all rounded as possible. I am a traditional/modern teacher who makes a big deal of basics .... Sticking, Rudiments, Posture, Reading and being creative. 

Firstly, Drumming is fun. Kids (and adults) are attracted to the sound of drumming for all sorts of reasons and it very quickly gets exciting. 

I individualize my lessons which develop a student at their pace while giving them appropriate challenges. 

Lesson Structure

Lessons are half hour weekly  @ $35.00.. Term fee payable in advance

Drum Studio : 68 John's Road, Jervoistown, Napier 4112


Here's some of the stand-outs so far

  1. N.Z. Paiste Percussion Specialist, Trained Los Angeles 1985-1990
  2. N.Z. Tama Rep. with Hawke's Bay Agencies 1984-1990
  3. Author of N.Z. Drummer Service Newsletter
  4. N.Z Non-Stop Drumming Record 48 hours
  5. Tutored 100's of students with loads of success stories
  6. Runner up in H.B. Chamber group Comp's over the years. (from 50 Groups)

Current Musical Activities 2019

  1. 'Infinity' 
  2. H.B Caledonian Pipe Band
  3. 'Streightup'
  4. Les Miserable's Orchestra
  5. Napier Pipe Band
  6. 'Boston Tea Party'
  7. Hairspray Hastings Boys and Girls High